Fire Safety Systems

Professionally installed fire systems provide unmatched peace of mind.

Professionally monitored detectors trigger an alarm after detecting smoke or CO.

Smoke alarms are a signal for all people in the home to get out, but a monitored fire alarm system does not stop there. Monitored alarms also send an alert to trained monitoring agents who can then contact you to verify the emergency and immediately dispatch help if required.

Our agents can even dispatch emergency services if you are not at home when the alarm goes off. A monitored smoke and CO detector system installed by the security experts at Security Systems International gives you ultimate peace of mind.

Don’t be in the line of fire.

With our fire systems protecting your business, you will have the highest quality and newest smoke detection technology.

Unlike stand-alone units, all of our fire detection systems are linked directly to your entire security system and will sound the alert and summon help whether you’re at work or away. With a fire alarm monitoring system for your business, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your business is safe.