11 Signs Someone Might Be Watching Your Home

Ever wondered if someone is keeping an eye on your home? While it may seem like a far-fetched concern, there are subtle signs that could indicate your house is under surveillance by potential burglars. Here are 11 warning signs to watch for to ensure your home remains safe and secure.

1. Frequent Walkers with Suspicious Behavior

You might not recognize everyone in your neighborhood, but a potential criminal scoping out the area probably won’t blend in as just an innocent walker. Repeatedly seeing the same person strolling by? Observe their body language. According to Logan, an experienced security consultant, casual walkers usually don’t constantly check over their shoulders. Additionally, pay attention to attire. Most fitness walkers wear workout clothes, so someone in everyday clothing who lingers might be up to no good. If you feel uneasy, call the police—it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Unusual Photography Activity

A person watching your home might take photos to document hiding spots or the proximity of houses. If you notice someone acting suspiciously with a camera, protect yourself by taking a photo of them. Logan advises that this could deter them, as they might not want their picture taken if they have malicious intent.

3. Light Bulb Tampering

“Lights are burglars’ enemy,” says Logan. A thief might unscrew bulbs around your house to avoid being seen. If your outdoor lights stop working suddenly and the bulbs aren’t burnt out, check if they’ve been tampered with. This could be a sign someone is planning a break-in.

4. Suspicious Vehicles

While you don’t need to question every unfamiliar car, be wary of those that pass by repeatedly. An out-of-state license plate or no plate at all can be a red flag, especially if the vehicle’s occupants don’t get out. Take note of the license plate number, driver description, or the number of passengers, and call the police if something seems off.

5. Strangers Asking for Odd Favors

Be cautious of strangers who come to your door asking to use the phone, the bathroom, or for a glass of water. This could be a ploy to get a closer look at your home’s interior layout. Politely decline and keep your doors locked.

6. Unfamiliar Service Workers

Verify the identity of any service worker who comes to your home unexpectedly. Real utility workers will have identification and usually notify you in advance. Call the company to confirm their presence if you’re unsure.

7. Markings on Your Property

Burglars often use chalk or stickers to mark houses as targets. If you notice unusual marks on your mailbox, fence, or driveway, remove them immediately and stay vigilant.

8. Mysterious Flyers and Stickers

Be wary of unsolicited flyers or stickers on your door or windows. They might be used to mark your home or check if you’re away for extended periods.

9. Unexplained Phone Calls

Repeated, hang-up calls can be a tactic to see if anyone is home. If you receive several of these calls, it could be worth reporting to the authorities.

10. Dogs Barking at Strangers

Pay attention if your dog barks at someone repeatedly. Dogs have keen senses and can detect unusual behavior that you might not notice.

11. Social Media Oversharing

Be careful about what you share online. Posting vacation plans or photos while you’re away can alert potential burglars that your home is empty. Always update your privacy settings and be mindful of what information you make public.

Noticing any of these signs can be unsettling, but being aware is the first step toward protecting your home. For ultimate peace of mind, consider investing in professional home security services. A comprehensive security system can deter potential criminals and keep your home and family safe. Don’t wait until it’s too late—take action now to safeguard your sanctuary.